JFE Steel to Integrate JFE Mineral, Mizushima Ferroalloy and JFE Material


JFE Steel Corporation
JFE Mineral Co., Ltd.
Mizushima Ferroalloy Co., Ltd.
JFE Material Co., Ltd.

JFE Steel Corporation announced today the outline of a planned merger that as of April 1 will integrate three existing wholly owned subsidiaries—JFE Mineral Co., Ltd., Mizushima Ferroalloy Co., Ltd., and JFE Materials Co., Ltd.—as previously announced in November 2021.

The merger will be an absorption-type merger, with JFE Mineral & Alloy Company, Ltd. (currently JFE Mineral) as the surviving company and Mizushima Ferroalloy and JFE Materials as dissolved companies. The surviving company will be wholly owned by JFE Steel Corporation.

JFE Mineral & Alloy Company, located at 8-2, Shiba 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, will be headed by President and CEO Teruhiro Saito, who is currently president of JFE Mineral Co., Ltd.

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