CSR and the Environment

Basic CSR Policy and Organization

JFE Group Standards of Business Conduct

As a member of the JFE Group, we comply with the established standards of business conduct.

JFE Group CSR (JFE Holdings, Inc.)

Basic CSR Policy

We define the purpose of CSR as that which improves stakeholder satisfaction and increases corporate value.
As such, we always consider the perspectives of all stakeholders and conduct CSR initiatives as an inseparable part of normal business activities.

Note: Stakeholders include customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, communities, government institutions, and all other stakeholders involved in corporate management activities.

CSR Promotion Organization

Each division promotes CSR initiatives on the basis of the policy established by the CSR Committee.

CSR Promotion Organization

Risk Management

We utilize a thorough and complete risk management system that includes identifying analyzing risks that could have significant impact on the company and then creating and executing mitigation plans. We provide progress reports semi-annually at CSR committee meetings.

CSR and the Environment