Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

Concrete Admixture

Features as a Concrete Admixture

  1. Significant improvement in strength.
  2. Improves chemical resistance.
  3. Significantly inhibits alkali aggregate reactions.
  4. Excellent tolerance to salinity.
Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag


Raw cement material Blast furnace cement and ordinary Portland cement
Concrete additive
Ground improver and surface layer stabilizer Middle and deep-layer soil improver
Grout additive Inorganic grout material - Injected material/filler

Ground granulated blast furnace slag is produced by pulverizing granulated blast furnace slag produced by blast furnaces as a by-product of the iron-making process. This hydraulic admixture is popular for use as raw material for Portland blast furnace slag cement, admixture for raw concrete, and other applications.

Using ground granulated blast furnace slag in such applications saves the energy that would be needed for lime calcination in the manufacturing process of ordinary Portland cement. This also eliminates the release of carbon dioxide resulting from the decomposition of limestone. Ground granulated blast furnace slag is an environmentally friendly product.

Mixing this material into cement improves the chemical resistance, water-tightness, fluidity, and long-term strength of concrete. This material also significantly helps reduce cracking (exothermic suppression) and inhibit alkali aggregate reactions. This material is the perfect admixture for cement.

JFE Steel Group affiliates Chiba Riverment and Mizushima Riverment produce this material at JFE Steel Corporation East Japan Works in Chiba and the West Japan Works in Kurashiki.

Types of Blast Furnace Cement

Type Slag content
Type A blast furnace cement 5-30%
Type B blast furnace cement 30-60%
Type C blast furnace cement 60-70%


Property JIS A 6206 standard values
(Ground granulated blast furnace slag 4000)
Density (g/cm3) 2.80 or more
Specific surface area (cm2/g) 3,500 to less than 5,000
Activity index
7 days old 55 or more
28 days old 75 or more
91 days old 95 or more
Flow ratio (%) 95 or more
Magnesium oxide (%) 10.0 or less
Sulfur trioxide (%) 4.0 or less
Ignition loss (%) 3.0 or less
Chloride ions (%) 0.02 or less
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