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Basic Purchasing Policy

Basic Purchasing Policy

We carry out purchasing activities in a fair and sincere manner as a good business partner for all parties we do business with, led by the following Basic Purchasing Policy based on mutual understanding and trust.

1. Thorough compliance

compliance is the foundation of our purchasing activities. We comply with all related laws and social codes, act with sincerity, and thoroughly manage the information we obtain through our business transactions. Furthermore, we block all relationships with antisocial forces and organizations that pose a threat to the order and safety of civil society, and we do not acquiesce to illegal or improper demands.

2. Providing equal competitive opportunities

We maintain a broad global perspective and provide equal opportunities to all competitive business partners, inside Japan and overseas.

3. Partnership

We strive to maintain and improve the mutual understanding and trust between our company and our business partners, and work to achieve mutual growth.

4. Business partner selection

In selecting our business partners, we perform comprehensive evaluations that include consideration of quality, technology, cost, turnaround time, supply stability, reliability, management stability, and approaches to CSR activities. We make decisions based on economic rationality, predicated on the thorough and consistent implementation of appropriate quality management and quality assurance.

5. Harmony with the global environment through green procurement

In our purchasing dealings, we give sufficient consideration to the protection of resources and the conservation of the environment.

6. Promotion of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) procurement

We promote CSR procurement, implementing CSR through our entire supply chain, including the business partners involved in our business activities.
These include activities aimed at preventing inappropriate quality-related behavior.

For our business partners: CSR Procurement Guidelines

We define CSR as "increasing stakeholder satisfaction and corporate value." We have positioned environmental conservation, safety, disaster prevention, compliance, and other matters related to the foundation of our existence as matters of the highest priority.

We share this focus on social responsibility with our business partners, and are dedicated to promoting CSR measures throughout our supply chain. We request that our business partners understand and actively implement the following.

(1) Creation of systems for promoting CSR

Please strive to comply thoroughly with laws and regulations, further cultivate business ethics, thoroughly familiarize all company personnel with CSR, and create an effective CSR promotion system.

(2) Compliance and information management

Please perform all of the following.

  1. Comply with the laws, regulations, and social codes of the countries and regions in which you do business.
  2. Block all relationships with antisocial forces and organizations that pose a threat to the order and safety of civil society.
  3. Comply with laws and regulations concerning responsible ore procurement and avoid the use of conflict minerals.
  4. Create and implement systems for appropriately managing and protecting confidential information obtained through business transactions.

(3) Respect for human rights and work safety

Please respect basic human rights throughout your business activities (including rejecting all child labor, forced labor, human trafficking, and inhumane treatment). Please eliminate all discrimination and strive to create safe, healthy, comfortable working environments.

(4) Global environmental conservation through green procurement

Please give due consideration to resource protection and environmental conservation, and continually promote harmony with the environment in your business activities.
Please thoroughly manage chemicals used in products, packaging materials, and the like in accordance with laws and regulations.

(5) Providing safe, competitive products and services

Please consistently ensure the safety of products and services and provide a stable supply of products and services with competitive quality, prices, and turnaround times. Please promote ongoing technical development and improve your technical strengths in order to maintain and improve these products and services.

(6) Preventing inappropriate quality-related behavior

Please promote measures for preventing inappropriate behavior such as tampering with or falsification of product quality-related inspection results, contractual violations, and the like. Please notify us before making changes with the potential to affect the quality of our products, and ensure that quality management and quality assurance are consistent and appropriate.

(7) Response in the event of a compliance infraction

If a compliance infraction occurs during the course of your business activities, please notify us promptly. Please also report the results of cause investigations and reoccurrence prevention measures.

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