Blast Furnace Slag Fine Aggregate

Blast Furnace Slag Fine Aggregate for Concrete

Blast Furnace Slag Fine Aggregate is Environmentally Friendly

Even natural sand previously thought to be in virtually inexhaustible supply is becoming harder and harder to find in good quality. This has created a risk of decreased strength and durability of concrete. However, using sand made from blast furnace slag has serious potential to make concrete even better.

Blast furnace slag fine aggregate received the JIS A 5012 certification in 1981. The Architectural Institute of Japan and Japan Society of Civil Engineers have also published guidelines on the use of this material. Today, this JIS certification has been revised to JIS A 5011-1 (concrete slag aggregate) and has also been added to JIS A 5308 (ready-mixed concrete).

Our blast furnace slag fine aggregate is used as an environmentally friendly substitute for natural sand.

Blast Furnace Slag Fine Aggregate

Blast Furnace Slag Fine Aggregate

Product Features

Compliant with JIS Standards

This material is compliant with JIS A 5011-1 (concrete slag aggregate).

Consistent Quality

This industrial product is manufactured under strict quality control.

No Acceptance Inspection Required

According to our test results, receiving inspections are not required even when used in JIS-certified concrete plants.

No Chloride, Organic Impurities, Clay, and Shells

Our product does not contain chloride, organic impurities, clay, shells, and other similar material that could impact the strength and durability of concrete.

Strength Increases the Older It Gets

Compressive strength equivalent to natural sand is obtainable on the 7th and 28th day of aging. Further aging should result in further increases in strength.

No Alkali Aggregate Reactions

Use of this material eliminates the potential for alkali aggregate reactions.

Production Method

Granulated blast furnace slag is crushed into finer particles. Then, an anti-caking agent is added to produce the final blast furnace slag fine aggregate product.

Manufacturing of Blast Furnace Slag Fine Aggregate

Manufacturing of blast furnace slag fine aggregate

Types by Particle Size

Type Particle Size
Fractional mass through sieve (%)
Nominal size of sieve (mm)
10 5 2.5 1.2 0.6 0.3 0.15
5mm 5 or less 100 90-100 80-100 50-90 25-65 10-35 2-15
2.5mm 2.5 or less 100 95-100 85-100 60-95 30-70 10-45 2-20
1.2mm 1.2 or less - 100 95-100 80-100 35-80 15-50 2-20
5-0.3 mm 5-0.3 100 95-100 65-100 10-70 0-40 0-15 0-10


Property Blast Furnace Slag Fine Aggregate
Chemical composition Calcium oxide (%)(CaO)
45.0 or less
Total sulfur (%)
2.0 or less
Sulfur trioxide (%)
0.5 or less
Total iron (%)
3.0 or less
Absolute dry density (g/cm3) 2.5 or less
Water absorption (%) 3.0 or less
Unit-volume weight (kg/L) 1.45 or more

* Refer to JIS A 5011-1 for more information on coarse grain ratio, fine grain content, and environmental safety and quality standards.


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