Iron and Steel Slag Products

Application Name of product Features
Cement material

Granulated Blast Furnace Slag
Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

  • Improves long-term strength.
  • Inhibits the alkali aggregate reaction.
  • Improves chemical and saltwater resistance.
  • Improves water-tightness.
Concrete aggregate

Blast Furnace Slag Fine Aggregate
Blast Furnace Slag Coarse Aggregate

  • Does not contain chloride, organic impurities, clay, shells, and other similar material.
  • Eliminates the potential for alkali aggregate reactions.
Road construction material

Iron and Steel Slag for Road Construction

  • The hydraulicity of this material makes roadbeds more durable.
  • Good compaction properties give material excellent workability.
Construction material Construction-use Granulated Slag
  • Lightweight with a high sheer-resistance angle.
  • Permeable
Construction-use Steel Slag
  • Large unit-volume mass with a high sheer-resistance angle.
Ground improver
(Sand compaction pile method)
Steel Slag for Ground Improvement
  • Large unit-volume mass with a high sheer-resistance angle.

Steel Slag Hydrated Matrix


  • Same strength as concrete.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.

Frontier Rock®
Frontier Stone®

  • Quality equivalent to semi-hard stone.
  • Sizing is customizable to specific applications.
  • Excellent bioadhesion properties equivalent to seaweed.
Environment improver Marine Stone®
  • Improves long-term sediment and water quality.
  • High-density material maintains stability against tidal currents and sea waves.
Calcia modifier Calcia Modifier
  • Improves strength when mixed with dredged soil.
  • Increased viscosity of dredged soil to help reduce turbidity.
  • Adsorbs phosphorus and sulfide to help reduce red and blue tides.
Rock wool raw material Rock Wool Raw Material
  • Excellent thermal insulation, heat resistance, and acoustic properties.
Fertilizer constituent Fertilizer Constituent
  • Slag components help the growth of various crops.


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