Silica Sand

Primary Applications of Silica Sand

  • Casting sand
  • Mortar aggregates
  • Artificial turf infill sand

Nikko Silica Sand

Nikko Silica Sand

Nikko Silica Sand

Nikko Silica Sand is available as fresh sand and reclaimed sand. This silica sand is a processed product produced from crude ore (granular silica rock) excavated in the Mizuki Mine before being crushed, washed, dried, and screened at the Awano Plant.

Reclaimed sand is produced by calcining and scrubbing casting sand waste so that it can be reused.

Product Features

1. Consistency of high-quality
2. Spherical shape of grains due to single-crystal structure
3. Physical and chemical stability due to excellent hardness
4. Free of impurities such as saline and organic compounds
5. Wide variety of products designed for many applications

Fresh sand

After separating grains by crushing granular crude ore, the sand is treated by powerful scrubbing and magnetic separation processes to improve silica content by removing clay and iron oxide.

Reclaimed sand

This product is made from recycled casting waste sand.


Fresh sand

This silica sand is used as non-organic, self-curing casting sand in green sand casting and CO2 processes and as organic, self-curing casting sand in alkali-phenol, shell-molding, and similar techniques.

Fresh sand

Scale: x100.0

Construction silica sand

This silica sand is used in many applications including pre-mixed mortar aggregates, lining materials, artificial turf filler, boiler heat mediums, and refractories.

Construction silica sand

Quality Control

Production analysis

Particle size analysis and chemical analysis are performed on crude ore, intermediate products, and final products as part of process control and product control.

Shipment analysis

Particle size analysis and chemical analysis is performed on every shipment as part of quality control.
We also perform clay content analysis and take measurements of basic characteristics, such as bulk density, in accordance with customer requirements.

Product List

Product Type
Fresh sand 4
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