Limestone Aggregates

Tsukumi Limestone Aggregates

Limestone Aggregates20-5mm

Limestone aggregates for freshly mixed concrete (5 to 20 mm)

Tsukumi Limestone Aggregates is made by crushing and screening raw limestone ore from Todaka Mining Co., Ltd. located in Tsukumi City, Oita Prefecture. These products are mainly sold in the Kanto area as raw concrete aggregate.
Limestone aggregate does not react well to alkali aggregate and exhibits minimal drying shrinkage. The value of limestone aggregate is increasing due to increasingly stricter regulations on the excavation and development of natural gravel.
Our wet aggregate is washed to provide a stable coarse grain ratio.

Product List

Product Type Size (mm) FM *Reference value
Raw concrete aggregate 2005 5 to 20 6.65±
Washed aggregate 0 to 5 3.6±
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