“MED” Bio-nutrient

Dechlorination and decomposition of pollutants using safe and inexpensive bio-nutrients

Microbial nutrients are injected into soil and groundwater to promote dechlorination reactions with VOCs in the ground/groundwater.
This product provides a low-cost method of purifying deep underground soil and groundwater without the need to excavate and dispose of contaminated soil.

Comparison Testing of cis-1,2-dichloroethylene Decomposition

Comparison Testing of cis-1,2-dichloroethylene Decomposition

*The provided data is the result of laboratory testing performed according to internal testing methods. Corresponding performance at actual sites is not guaranteed.

MED Bio-nutrient

MED Bio-nutrient"

Characteristics of MED Bio-nutrient

  1. Less expensive than polylactic acid, higher fatty acids, and amino acids traditionally used as nutrition sources.
  2. Safe, plant-derived material is harmless to humans, animals, and plants.
  3. Contains organic acids and amino acids to provide nutrients needed by anaerobic microorganisms.

Example VOC decomposition sequence

Example VOC decomposition sequence

* PCE: Tetrachloroethylene; TCE: Trichloroethylene; DCE: Dichloroethylene; CE: chloroethylene

  1. Determine the number of injections and amount per injection based on detailed soil/groundwater contamination surveys.
  2. Determine the injection depth and specific location by analysis of geologic structure and concentration distribution data.
  3. Drill MED injection holes into the ground and inject using a pump.

Overview of MED Injection Process

Overview of MED injection process
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